Mary Franck | About
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Mary Franck Designer & Technologist

Mary Franck is an experiential designer and technologist currently living and working in New York. Her work is focused on real-time computer graphics, immersive media, and creative technology for events and installations.

Currently she works for award-winning experiential agency Fake Love as a Lead Creative Technologist, ensuring projects’ technical success from concept to completion for top-tier brands. Previously Mary worked with Obscura Digital, leading the development of interactive installations and large-scale media activations such as the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Illumination. She has also worked with such notable studios and companies as Bot & Dolly, Leviathan, Samsung UX Lab, Google, and Autodesk for such brands and institutions as Cartier, Viacom, IBM, BMW, SFMoMA, and NASA.

Hailing from California, Mary received her B.A. in Studio Art from San Francisco State University and a Master of Design Research from SCI-Arc. In addition to her work as a designer, Mary exhibits her art work internationally and has taught courses and workshops for Stanford, ASU, and Carnegie Mellon.

Her artistic portfolio is available at